What People Say About Us

Here are just a few things that our customers are saying about RSP and our approach

I would simply say that in my opinion, RSP allowed informed community voices to culminate in recommendations for Board consideration. Without the RSP planning process, the discussion on school space would have been less informed and more emotionally charged. As it is, school issues are highly emotional. Bringing community representatives around the tables to study enrollment and financial data as well as their hopes and dreams for academic experiences for students is huge work. BPS was fortunate to have the calm expertise of RSP in the room as this school district worked on growth issues.

Tamara Uselman
Bismarck Public Schools Superintendant

“As a very small, but fast growing district, we needed to have very accurate information in order to prepare for the growth.  Being financially conscious, we wanted to make sure we were meeting the needs of our constituents in a timely manner while being cognizant of the costs incurred. I believe the accuracy rate is about 98% and our 5-year accuracy rate has been more than 93%.Obviously, the accuracy rate is extremely important, but being able to call directly to Rob and get questions answered has been a major key in our relationship.”

Wayne Burke

Spring Hill School District Superintendent